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    Wigs are one of the many items that are available to consumers in today’s market. A wig is typically a full head or full hair accessory made from animal hair, human hair, or some type of synthetic fibre. The word wig comes from periwinkle, making its earliest recorded appearance in Shakespeare’s The Two Gentlemen of Verona, where it was called a "winkle." Within years, the spelling became "winkle" and then became synonymous with all forms of wigs, regardless of their material.

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    For example, the most common type of wig is the one that simply covers the entire head. It is referred to as a "hood" and may be short or long in length. Some people refer to these types of wigs as a "ravine" because they resemble the hair of a raccoon. In addition, there are variations of the wig that are worn in an unoffending manner, such as in a bun or a bandanna. A more flattering form of wearing wigs is known as a "tied" wig, and this is worn with clothing to cover the wigs instead of covering them.

    For example, during the early to mid nineteenth century, a man who sported a goatee hairstyle often wore wigs that had fringe strips that would keep the shaved portion of the head from showing. The wigs were constructed from black hair that was dyed a dark powder so that the shaved portion of the head would not show, while still allowing the person to sport a goatee hairstyle. In addition, the same powder was often used on the clothing that the wearer wore, so that the colors would match. Although these types of wigs are no longer worn in the early to mid nineteenth century, they are still used by some individuals.