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    You need to make a drawing, before starting the construction process. It really is worthy of drawing near the choice of size. The space through the terrain on the roof really should not be 2.1 m, so as not to result in a "hose outcome". Then this thrust improves, and this will result in a draft.

    In cases like this, the hottest atmosphere will likely be nearby the roof. Therefore, it is rational to never established the upper inner compartment great. It will be proper to setup it at a distance of approximately a meter from the ceiling.

    It is advisable to choose a level of 45 cm for each and every shelf. If you want to comfortably rest on the shelf.

    Others table has to be made two-level. The low level must be 65 cm substantial, and the top tier 105.

    The sauna is by classification smaller than the European bath. An area of 3.4 sq.m. is sufficient for a lot of folks. The racks should be placed in a number of spaces across the wall structure.

    The length of the wall surface, that is ahead of the entrance, must be 2 m. It really is needed to find the measurements, it will not job to achieve the appropriate higher-top quality air flow. And this will bring about troubles with different temperatures circumstances.

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