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    The Microblading machine is one of the most used make up equipment in a variety of beauty salons and spas. A great many women are unaware that this product exists, and even fewer still know how to use it effectively for eyelash growth. Basically, a Microblading machine is an at-home make up artist’s dream come true: an eyelash enhancement system that can be used in the privacy of your own home without anyone else ever knowing that you’re using the product. You can get a really good look and instantly add length, volume, color, and length to any of your natural eyelashes with a Microblading machine.

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    The best thing about Microblading machines is that they are extremely versatile – you can do almost anything with them to make your eyelashes longer or thicker or thicken your eyebrows. There are literally thousands of different motions you can use to alter your eyebrows and apply exactly the right amount of eye makeup on your face. Some of the other popular motions include curling your lashes, sneezing, lifting, twirling, lifting with a brush, and lifting and arching your lashes with your hand. If you have very thin or very thick eyelashes, you can even achieve volume with your Microblading machine, as there are different intensities that you can use to make your eyelashes grow thicker or longer.

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    Another great thing about the Microblading machine is that it is so easy to use. If you have never done any kind of eyelash makeup before, you will find that the application process is fairly simple. There are two main parts to the system: the headpiece and the wand that hold the tiny blades. The headpiece looks like a clear plastic cup that holds the blades in place, and a high speed motor underneath helps to trigger the action. The wand itself has a variety of different motions, including rotating, rubbing, sweeping, pinching, and a whole host of others, and even comes with a mini replica of your favorite singer’s hair!