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    We have all heard of the Zen of "x" or the Zen of "y", and believe it or not the Zen of men’s grooming really does exist! As males, we are not taught at any stage of our lives about grooming. In some way we’re just alleged to magically work out what to do in terms of shaving, pores and skin care, physique hair trimming, hair maintenance, and so on. It is just fantastic to suppose that ladies at a really early age, are enjoying with makeup and watching (and learning) how mama cleans her skin each evening. All boys are taught to do is wash their arms and brush their teeth before going to mattress! When it comes to boys, perhaps they see father shaving within the morning, however most certainly they’re busy getting dressed and consuming breakfast. Immediately, puberty hits, the facial hair starts coming in, and the pimples begin showing. With no discuss such issues from family or buddies, and seeing how the media caters to teenage ladies clearing their skin, what is a younger man to do? Perhaps, just maybe, the father will see that his son wants a shaving lesson and a few assist with clearing his pores and skin. But I ask, are the fathers of the world educating their sons the way to shave, how one can take care of their skin, find out how to look their finest? I would like to say Yes, but I worry that in most households that’s not occurring. Fathers of the world must start teaching their sons good grooming methods so it isn’t such a thriller. There’s more than throwing the football, playing video games and many others., that may be shared between father and son.

    Hopefully as an grownup you’ve got taken the time to seek out out tips on how to take care of your grooming wants. You have learned learn how to get the proper shave (whether or not it’s a wet or electric shave); how to keep your pores and skin looking nice; generally, methods to look your best.

    Here comes the Zen part! On the subject of meditation, I like to practice and advocate Vipassana meditation. Vipassana meditation is a way of self-transformation through self-remark. Highlighting Guidelines Glow focuses on the deep interconnection between mind and physique, which will be skilled instantly by disciplined attention to the bodily sensations that type the life of the body, and that constantly interconnect and condition the life of the thoughts. It is this remark-based mostly, self-exploratory journey to the common root of thoughts and physique that dissolves psychological impurity (resulting in a balanced thoughts filled with love and compassion). The most customary means of practising is to simply observe the breath going in and out of your nose. Simply focus on the breath, observing the physique sensations. After even just a few minutes you’ll be able to feel yourself become extra centered and calm. You can also observe meditation once you stroll by merely observing every step you take – the foot hitting the bottom, the motion of the foot in each step, and so on. Doing this brings you again to the "now", calms the thoughts and focuses you.

    This can also be practiced whilst you groom your self. Yes, imagine it or not you can meditate whereas you are doing your grooming routine morning or night. This is an example of how one can carry zen into your shaving routine. The principle level of this type of meditation is to observe your physique during an activity. One solution to do that is to slow down your movements. Be 100% aware of your arm as it picks up the razor. When you practice doing a wet shave, observe the motion of the arm soaking the razor in the heat water. Simply follow every step of your routine paying attention to the various movements of your body. Keep your attention as a lot as possible to the present second. If your thoughts starts wandering about what you are doing for dinner or what assembly it’s important to get to, merely return your attention to the current moment. Comply with the sensations of the blade as it glides across your face. Observe how your body is standing, what your hand is doing. Don’t choose anything. There isn’t any "right" means to do that. The key is to only observe the experience. Chances are you’ll even get a better shave since you’ll be extra aware of what you’re doing! It’s also possible to do this when taking a shower, and even at night time when your cleansing your skin. When cleansing your skin observe the sensation of the cleanser in your hand, the swirling sensation as you swirl it over your face, and many others. It’s an exquisite habit to get into. The extra you do it, the more centered and calmer you may be. The point of most meditation is to convey you to the present moment, keep you within the "now". This is a superb approach to stay in the present and provides yourself the gift of a calmer life.